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Engineered Coatings Give Old Parts New Life

Engineered Coatings Give Old Parts New Life

When machine parts wear out, they can hurt the plant’s productivity and costs. While replacing these parts may be appropriate, MRO professionals should consider refurbishing them with the help of engineered surface enhancement coatings. Replacing or rebuilding parts can get expensive. Instead, refurbishment with the help of a suitable coating can reduce waste, downtime and its associated costs. In many cases, the coating can upgrade a machine’s performance and lifetime.

Protect and Restore Old, Worn Parts

Engineered coatings can do everything from bringing worn parts back to tolerance, increasing hardness or satisfying regulatory requirements. In applications as diverse as seal bars, knives and blades in the food industry, plates and rollers in packaging as well as hoppers and chutes in the pharmaceutical industry, engineered coatings can help return machine parts to optimum performance. Here is how General Magnaplate engineered coatings can help:

  • Eliminate waste. MROs can use existing materials and parts to maintain efficiency and improve processes.
  • Solve corrosion. Lectrofluor® can make a metal surface nonporous and impervious to chemical attack in hostile environments. Tufram® is highly resistant to corrosion as well as Nedox® and Plasmadize
  • Resist wear and abrasion. Plasmadize and Nedox feature excellent wear and abrasion resistance, and certain types of Tufram prevent wear and stick-and-slip.
  • Prevent flaking, which can contaminate end products. A new coating can be integrated into the converted surface of the metal to create an impact- or nick-resistant finish. Nedox, for example, doesn’t chip, peel or flake off like “paint-ons.”
  • Eliminate sticking. Nedox is well-known for its ability to eliminate stick-and-slip, while Plasmadize exhibits better mold release than conventional spray methods. Lectrofluor and Tufram can also provide good anti-stick.
  • Return equipment to peak performance. Less-expensive metals can be substituted and upgraded with a coating — like Tufram for aluminum components — that gives permanent protective surface hardness and corrosion resistance. Plasmadize is especially effective at bringing a part back to its original condition.

Many General Magnaplate products are available in FDA-compliant versions to ensure surfaces stand up to moisture and bacteria.

Make Old Parts Like New

If you have a damaged or worn-out part, you can refurbish it and avoid the expense and delays of acquiring a new one. General Magnaplate can process, strip and recoat parts to make them like new. Our technical staff will review the application details such as pH, temperature and wear, and we’ll provide feedback on how to improve part performance from original part condition. They’ll discuss your coating options and help recommend the right one. We’ll create your engineered coating to the highest quality in our AS9100:D and ISO 9001:2015-certified facility. We also maintain a global network of licensees so you can always get the coating you need to get your machines back into service fast within your region.

Keep Your Machine Productive and Efficient

When your machine components have run their course, you have options. General Magnaplate coatings can address conditions like corrosion, wear, abrasion and sticking. And they can optimize a part with better strength than the original material. Refurbishing parts with General Magnaplate engineered coatings can be a long-term solution that ensures your machine’s continued productivity and efficiency.

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