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High Wear Resistance, Low Coefficient of Friction With Nedox PF-F

High Wear Resistance, Low Coefficient of Friction With Nedox PF-F

Hard, slick surfaces minimize friction and heat buildup in metal-to-metal applications, improving the wear characteristics of the coated part. One option is applying an engineered coating.

Most polymeric or dry lubricant coating systems have a temperature limitation, since they can only function between 500°C (260°F) and 600°F (316°C). Also, polymers and dry lubricants are not always conducive to environments where particulate generation is undesirable.

For these applications, consider our Nedox PF-F™ coating. The composite ceramic, nickel alloy composition of Nedox PF-F lets it operate at temperatures up to 1500°F (816°C) and still maintain low friction and release properties. Some technical features include:

  • Excellent wear
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction without polymers or dry lubricants
  • Good release properties without polymers or dry lubricants
  • Uniform coating deposition
  • Non-shedding and non-outgassing
  • Hardness up to 68 Rc

Nedox PF-F Applications. Under the Nedox PF umbrella of coatings, Nedox PF-F is an FDA-compliant coating that provides surfaces with high wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction without using traditional polymers. Nedox PF-F has been successfully used in a wide range of applications. Here are some examples:

  • In the nuclear power plant industry, a next generation valve manufacturer experienced binding and excessive torque demand on a ball valve stem operating at 800°F (427°C) and 2,000 psi. They used Nedox PF-F to prevent seizing at elevated temperatures without a forbidden fluorocarbon coating.
  • A major defense prime needed to protect a pawl hook for lifting mini-subs from wear in a marine environment. Applying Nedox PF-F provided the hard, slick surface required to prevent premature wear on the device.
  • A well-known guitar manufacturer was wearing out a band-bending tool too fast. Nedox PF-F was applied to the tool for extended life and less drag in the bending operation.
  • One ceramics manufacturing company needed a long-lasting, wear-resistant coating for their bottom punch. Nedox PF-F reduced drag enough to give a smoother, cleaner punch, while increasing the required tool’s longevity.

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