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Learn How Infused Polymers Give Our Engineered Coatings an Edge

Learn How Infused Polymers Give Our Engineered Coatings an Edge

To protect metal surfaces from damage, you have several methods to choose from. Many vendors provide surface enhancement offerings that range from plating to powders to paint-on processes, all of which can offer a fair amount of protection. But one advantage these techniques don’t have is a mechanical bond with the surfaces they’re protecting.

Polymer Infusion Makes Our Engineered Coatings Stand Out

This mechanical bond is what sets our engineered coatings apart from other surface protection methods. At General Magnaplate, our multi-step coating process includes an additional, critical step: polymer infusion. We apply a matrix layer of base coating to a clean substrate, enlarging the micropores of the surface. Next, we infuse polymer particles into the matrix layer and follow it up with our proprietary seal to ensure the surfaces are thoroughly integrated. The result: your coating becomes an integral part of the substrate with superior performance properties such as Rockwell hardness up to Rc 68 and lower friction. 

Depending on the characteristics of the metal and the application, we can engineer your coating with the right polymer and cure temperature to satisfy specific requirements including protection against corrosion, wear and galling. Polymer infusion also provides non-stick properties that exceed co-deposition methods where the polymer is contained in the bath, making it especially desirable in packaging, food and beverage and medical applications. And, our engineered coatings comply with FDA/USDA standards and many global food and drug standards. Polymer infusion works on most substrates and is used in a host of industries and applications. 

General Magnaplate Quality

We engineer coatings in our AS9100:D-certified facility using a wide range of polymers, and we ensure consistent quality through extensive process controls and material composition standards. We use sample coupons to verify the coatings are applied to the proper thickness, and we may also recommend masking to make sure your part retains its form and function throughout the coating process. 

Demanding surface protection requires a special coating process. By infusing select polymers into the matrix layer, we engineer coatings that become one with the substrate to form a surface that typically outperforms the original substrate. This high level of customization means your parts can withstand the challenging conditions in your application, and they will perform as intended for a long time. Be sure to discuss your coating needs with us early in order to determine the right polymer additives and coating processes that will meet your needs.

For more information about our polymer-infused engineered coatings, watch our video.

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