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Maintaining Equipment with Specialized Surface Treatments

Maintaining Equipment with Specialized Surface Treatments

To maintain your plant equipment and keep production processes online, it’s important to continually identify and mitigate issues involving abrasion, premature wear, corrosion and sticking. Surface enhancement coatings, which play a big role in plant maintenance, repair and operations (MRO), overcome these challenges easily.

Let’s take a look at a few coating examples:

NEDOX®. This coating family is a nickel alloy-based coating that protects most metals, including aluminum, against wear, corrosion, sticking and galling. Within the NEDOX® group are several options that use various polymers to impart specific properties, such as enhanced hardness, superior mold release and easy release at high temperatures.

TUFRAM®. This line for aluminum and aluminum alloys also features a range of formulas that fit a variety of MRO applications. TUFRAM® resists corrosion, reduces friction, improves hardness and replaces more expensive substrates like steel or stainless steel.

LECTROFLUOR®. Widely used for MRO, this polymer-based coating prevents severe corrosion and chemical attack in metals deployed in harsh environments.

PLASMADIZE®. This enhanced thermal spray composite protects and restores metal parts and features increased lubricity and better mold release than conventional spray methods.

It’s important to note that many variations of our four coating families comply with USDA, FDA and other global standards and are widely used in maintenance and repair operations to extend equipment life and return worn parts to active service. These and other specialized coatings are regularly employed to delay the purchase of new equipment.

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