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Mind Your Metal - Coating Conversations on Packaging [On-demand Webinar]

Packaging equipment is prone to several conditions that can harm surfaces and lead to downtime or premature part replacement. The long list of issues includes:

  • Buildup of sticky substances that cause high-speed equipment to stick.
  • Labels and hot melt glues that can build up residue, causing product misalignment or web break issues.
  • Wear and abrasion that can slow down movable parts or impact other parts of the machine.
  • Hygiene and safety issues such as mold, bacteria buildup and corrosion.

The good news is surface enhancement coatings can solve these challenges. In our latest webinar, Mind Your Metal: Coating Conversations on Packaging, we examine some common issues in the packaging industry and explore the ways high-performance coatings can solve them to help you reduce downtime and increase productivity.

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