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Mind Your Metal - Coating Conversations on Food and Bulk Solids [On—demand Webinar]

Food processing and bulk solids operations share many of the same objectives: maximizing runtime, high production and throughput, lower maintenance costs and long equipment lifetime. However, issues like part replacement, preventative maintenance and cleaning can hinder those goals. 

Our latest webinar, “Mind Your Metal: Coating Conversations on Food/Bulk Solids,” discusses how engineered coatings can address common performance issues caused by wear, friction, sticking and corrosion. Not only do engineered coatings help protect a broad range of equipment such as molds, hoppers, extruders, knives and chutes, they work on a variety of substrates across a wide temperature range. That means less downtime, better hygiene, faster cleanup and reduced operational costs. The discussion covers FDA compliance and includes application examples involving pet food, beverages and various molds.

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