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Mind Your Metal - Coating Conversations on Valves [On—demand Webinar]

Valves used in industrial facilities, as well as oil and gas installations, must endure severe conditions that can damage surfaces, lead to downtime or even shorten a part’s lifetime. Gate valves, impellers, housings, sleeves, ball valves and diffusers must withstand harsh environments that pose problems such as:

  • Wear due to heavy contact with abrasive metals and other solid materials that may erode the valve.
  • Sticky substances that cause product hang-ups, reduce speeds and make cleanup difficult.
  • Corrosion from sour gases, saltwater and chemicals.

In our new webinar, “Mind Your Metal: Coating Conversations on Valves,” we’ll take a look at how these common problems threaten the performance and lifetime of valves. We’ll also show you how engineered coatings can improve hardness, protect against corrosion, ease cleanup, reduce downtime and achieve optimal media flow. 

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