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Our NEDOX® Coating Protects Impellers From Corrosion In Oil And Gas Application

Our NEDOX® Coating Protects Impellers From Corrosion In Oil And Gas Application

Air-moving equipment used in oil and gas exploration is particularly susceptible to corrosion damage. Whether the cause is prolonged exposure to salt or corrosive gases, the result is equipment with significantly shorter lifespans. Our NEDOX® coatings overcome these challenges by providing harder-than-steel, corrosion-resistant surfaces on turbo compressors, compressor heads, impellers, blades, vanes—and more.

Let’s take a closer look at how one of our NEDOX® variants recently improved the performance and lifespan of pump impellers:

Rusting Impellers In Need Of Surface Protection. In a recent application, an oil and gas company was experiencing challenges related to its pump equipment and the harsh operating environment of the Gulf Coast. Specifically, the salt and humidity were causing the company’s impellers to rust. Previous coatings had failed after a year, and so the company consulted General Magnaplate to find a longer-lasting solution.

Our technical sales team recommended NEDOX 10K3®, a surface enhancement process that holds up particularly well in tough oil and gas applications. We coated the impeller surfaces with thicknesses between 0.0015 to 0.002 inches—successfully protecting it from corrosion despite the ongoing exposure to salt and moisture.

NEDOX® For Oil And Gas. For use on almost any metal, NEDOX® coatings are well-suited for chemically corrosive environments. They are also highly resistant to salt spray, showing little or no corrosion after 14 months of continuous exposure to salt water. Thanks to these features, NEDOX® significantly increases the lifespan of equipment used in oil, gas and energy applications—enabling it to tolerate often-rigorous operating conditions and withstand common industry threats, including wear, corrosion, galling and seizing.

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