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Protect Aluminum From Corrosion and Friction

Protect Aluminum From Corrosion and Friction

For better corrosion resistance, friction reduction and hardness than standard hard anodizing, our Tufram® family of synergistic coatings are a good choice for aluminum manufacturing, processing and packaging equipment.

Adherence and impact resistance. With a wide operating temperature range from -360 to 800°F depending on the alloy and process, Tufram adheres to most alloys, especially those containing magnesium. Impact resistance is limited by the structural strength of the base metal.

In addition, Tufram’s hardness varies from Rc 40 to 65, depending on the alloy and process chosen. This improves the surface hardness of aluminum to levels comparable to case-hardened steel, and allows aluminum to replace more expensive substrates such as steel or stainless in many applications.

Thanks to proprietary polymers, Tufram’s permanent self-lubricating surfaces reduces surface tension and provides longer wear life, less maintenance and less downtime. Very few solid substances—including adhesives—will permanently adhere to the proprietary polymer-impregnated surface of a Tufram-coated part. Some tacky materials may exhibit mild temporary adhesion.

Other technical advantages include:

  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High dielectric strength
  • Self-lubricating and non-wetting surface characteristics
  • No outgassing

 Reduces friction and corrosion. Tufram coatings are highly resistant to corrosion, as well as acids and alkaline chemicals. Their low coefficient of friction also protects against a variety of abrasive wear mechanisms and galling.

Recently, a manufacturer of book trimming equipment encountered friction and corrosion, as well as ink and glue clean-up problems on the skid plates, infeed and mailer table surfaces of its trimmers. Tufram reduced friction and prevented corrosion, allowing for the quick and easy cleaning of ink and glue.

FDA and USDA compliance. Tufram also meets FDA and USDA standards, making it ideal for food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging, and some medical industry applications. One example involves a creamery that experienced corrosive attack on an ice cream packaging machine’s turntable holding plates. Caustic cleaners caused the aluminum parts to pit and corrode. Applying Tufram to the hold plates helped prevent these issues.use.

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