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Applications: Chemical Processing

Plasmadize® Keeps Metal Extrusion Parts in Good Shape

Mixer blades that extrude thick plastics are particularly susceptible to abrasive wear. Magnaplate's Plasmadize® helps protect these vital parts from wear.

Lectrofluor® Gives Stainless Steel Condensate Pumps Extra Protection Against Corrosion

General Magnaplate’s Lectrofluor® helped a pharmaceutical injectables manufacturer halt corrosion and chemical attack on a condensate pump.

Evaluating Coatings? Don’t Forget About Thermal Sprays

When selecting your surface protection coating, be sure to also consider thermal sprays.

Mind Your Metals - Coating Conversations on Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications [Webinar]

Our new webinar, “Mind Your Metals - Boost Uptime And Cleanliness With High-Performance Coatings,” will show how engineered coatings can solve downtime issues and increase productivity in clean environments.

Upgrade from Nedox Basic Electroless Nickel For Better Performance

Upgrade from Nedox Basic electroless nickel for improved hardness and better performance, especially in chemically corrosive environments.

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