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Why Engineered Coatings Are Important For Your MRO Strategy

Why Engineered Coatings Are Important For Your MRO Strategy

Plant engineers and maintenance supervisors are often faced with the decision of whether or not to replace old, worn parts. To keep machines and production lines running around the clock, it can be easy to simply change out the part and move on. However, refurbishing an existing part can add durability and service life. And, with the help of specialized surface treatments, part restoration can be a better investment than part replacement.

How Engineered Coatings Benefit MRO Efforts

Engineered coatings are an effective defense against part damage caused by wear, abrasion, corrosion and many other conditions. Not only can they protect new parts, they are equally suited for maintenance and repair operations (MRO). At General Magnaplate, our engineered coatings infuse polymer particles into the surface to create mechanical bonds that add hardness, dry lubrication and chemical and corrosion resistance to parts. That means repaired and refurbished components can return to service, last longer and save you money.

Here are some of the benefits our engineered coatings offer MRO processes:

  • Time and cost savings. Part replacement can be costly, and acquisition often creates unwanted delays.
  • Upgraded surfaces. Because engineered coatings become an integral part of a substrate, you can substitute with a less-expensive metal and upgrade with a coating. In fact, the new surface can exhibit performance properties superior to even the original base material.
  • Better use of raw materials. Costly base metals are difficult to mine and process.
  • Longer lifetime. Recoating and refurbishing can be performed many times until the part is ultimately replaced.
  • Less waste. By using existing materials and parts, MROs can improve processes and efficiencies as well as help meet sustainability targets.

When using protective surface coatings to extend equipment and component lifetimes, be sure to continually identify and mitigate issues involving abrasion, premature wear, corrosion and sticking. Attention to these issues makes a difference since specialized surface treatments are engineered to protect against a host of conditions. We can assist you in selecting an appropriate coating based on your needs, and we can tailor that coating to address specific conditions like friction and wear. And, many of our coating families have variants that comply with USDA, FDA and other global standards. You can ship your used components to one of our global facilities, where we’ll recoat and refurbish them to their original tolerances.

Boost Part Lifetimes and Cost Savings

Using engineered coatings to extend equipment and component lifetimes is proven to be both cost-effective and efficient. Delaying the purchase of new parts and machinery by repairing existing production assets keeps machines running without giving in to harsh operating conditions. When you want to get the most out of your worn parts, let General Magnaplate engineered coatings be part of your MRO strategy.

For more information about engineered coatings for part maintenance and refurbishment, download our white paper or contact us.

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