Canadize titanium anodizing brochure

The Canadize process augments surface hardness through the infusion of selected proprietary polymers or dry lubricants resulting in a fracture-free coating for titanium and titanium alloys.

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Magnaplate HTR®

Magnaplate HTR mold release coating brochure

The release efficiency of steel, copper, brass, aluminum and other metals used in the fabrication of molds and dies for a wide range of industries is increased. This surface enhancement coating creates a permanent, non-stick surface that exhibits a very low coefficient of friction in addition to offering superior wear resistance. The HTR coating can also be modified to meet your special requirements for thermal and/or electrical conductivity.

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Dynaloy flash chrome brochure

Dynaloy is an enhanced proprietary chrome process that produces a thin, dense, uniform coating which features superior adherence and no edge buildup. Product sheet details engineering data, friction test chart, and application examples.

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Magnaplate Nedox PF™

Nedox PF nickel alloy coating brochure

Most polymeric or dry lubricant coating systems have a limitation in regards to temperature, since they can only function within the 500°F to 600°F range. In addition, polymers and dry lubricants are not always conducive to environments where particulate generation is undesirable. For these applications, General Magnaplate developed Nedox PF.

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Engineering Data Guide

Friction, wear, contamination and release coatings brochure

This brochure provides critical engineering data on General Magnaplate's full range of synergistic surface enhancing coatings. It describes the problem-solving benefits of each coating, suitable base metals, and typical applications.

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Magnaplate TNS®

Magnaplate TNS release coating brochure

These non-stick, self-lubricating release coatings prevent residue buildup on adhesives, glue, tape, and labeling equipment metal parts. Product sheet includes engineering data and suggested applications.

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Food and Drug Spotlight Report

FDA and USDA approved coatings brochure

Spotlight Report illustrates packaging equipment efficiency and performance enhancements.

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Magnaplate TNSF™

Magnaplate TNSF release coating brochure

Magnaplate TNSF has been formulated to provide enhanced performance for adhesive and glue release along with offering FDA compliance for direct food contact. This high temperature elastomeric release coating can withstand 600°F without significant thermal degradation.

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Hi-T-Lube high temperature dry lubricant brochure

Recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the solid with the lowest COF in the world, this space-age, dry-film lubricant solves critical problems of wear, galling and fretting on steel, stainless steel and copper alloys at high and low temperature extremes, even under heavy loads. The coating consists of a matrix of metallic layers, and becomes a permanent, integral part of the base metal.

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Lectrofluor fluoropolymer coating brochure

The Lectrofluor series of high-technology polymer-based surface enhancement coatings improves the wear characteristics and performance of all types of metals. It especially provides superior resistance to corrosion and chemical attack in hostile environments.

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Nedox nickel plating brochure

A series of "Synergistic" surface enhancement coatings that protect most metals - including aluminum - against wear, corrosion, sticking, galling and static buildup. Brochure includes engineering data, charts, and diagrams as well as numerous application examples.

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Nedox® Basic Electroless Nickel

Tufram hard anodizing brochure

Nedox® Basic electroless nickel is a high quality electroless nickel process worthy of the Magnaplate name, which delivers superior performance compared to other electroless nickel processes.

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Magnamax-HT dry lubricant coating brochure

A solid lubricant coating that offers low friction properties to metal parts for lubricity and release at temperatures up to 550°C.

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Packaging Machinery Spotlight Report

Non stick coatings for packaging machinery brochure

Spotlight Report on Solving Packaging and Processing Equipment Sanitation, Performance and Maintenance Problems.

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Magnanoshield antimicrobial coating brochure

Delivers antimicrobial protection for metal parts while delivering a low coefficient of friction, water-resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, and release properties.  The coating technology protects against the risk for contamination to equipment during the manufacturing process that can lead to food borne diseases.

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Plasmadize® Basic Thermal Spray

Tufram hard anodizing brochure

Plasmadize® Basic thermal spray is an engineered coating system for applications experiencing high wear and abrasion.

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Magnaplate 10K™

Magnaplate 10K high temperature coating brochure

The 10K series of high-performance coatings has been developed to deliver outstanding release properties to ferrous and non-ferrous parts exposed to continuous temperatures of up to 900°F, or intermittent temperatures of 1000°F.

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Tufram Omega™

Tufram Omega electroless nickel coating brochure

TUFRAM OMEGA has been designed to control the resistivity range of surfaces which come in contact with electronic components. The coating’s ohm range is between 10 to 10 providing a precise and consistent level of surface resistance to dissipate troublesome static charges.

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Magnaplate BTC™

Magnaplate BTC hard chrome coating brochure

Magnaplate BTC was developed in response to a need for a more environmentally benign alternative to hard chrome. This functional coating is a composite structure that offers extreme wear resistance with ductility and corrosion resistence without the need to perform secondary operations such as grinding, which is generally required with hard chrome plating processes.

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Tufram hard anodizing brochure

A series of "Synergistic" surface enhancement coatings that protect parts made of aluminum and aluminum alloys against wear, corrosion, sticking and galling. Brochure includes engineering data and application examples.

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Magnaplate HCR®

Magnaplate HCR hard anodizing brochure

This surface enhancement technology enhances corrosion resistance and hardness of parts made of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Product sheet features engineering data and charts containing results of friction and salt spray tests conducted on coated parts.

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Tufram® Basic Hard Anodizing

Tufram hard anodizing brochure

Tufram Basic hard anodizing is an electrochemical process that creates a protective oxide layer on aluminum parts, improving corrosion resistance and imparting other desirable surface properties such as lubricity.

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Magnaplate HMF®

Magnaplate HMF chrome coating brochure

This datasheet describes Magnaplate HMF, a proprietary, multi-step coating process that creates an extremely hard, mirror-smooth, highly reflective microfinish on the surface of ferrous metal, copper or aluminum alloy components. It effectively ensures against galling and seizing.

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