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How Nadcap Accreditation Affirms Our Commitment to Quality

General Magnaplate is proud to have earned Nadcap accreditation, made possible by our team’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Evaluating Coatings? Don’t Forget About Thermal Sprays

When selecting your surface protection coating, be sure to also consider thermal sprays.

Video - Engineered Coatings for Aerospace

Our new video presents some of the engineered coatings General Magnaplate offers, along with the technical features that make them well-suited for use in demanding aerospace applications where failure is not an option.

Mind Your Metal - Coating Conversations on Aerospace [On-Demand Webinar]

With the right coating, you can expect more from your aerospace equipment — boosted productivity and decreased downtime and variability. General Magnaplate's proprietary finishes offer unique, problem-solving solutions for some of the toughest applications.

An Update on Our Aerospace Certifications and Quality Assurance Efforts

After consolidating our operations to our expanded Arlington, Texas facility, General Magnaplate’s focus on quality and continuous improvement is as strong as ever.

How Engineered Coatings Prevent Equipment Failure in Aerospace Applications

Aerospace environments involve some of the toughest conditions for equipment. Threats like friction, galling, corrosion and high temperatures can cause some of the industry’s most common metals and alloys to fail.

Carrying Forward a Legacy of Excellence in Aerospace

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. General Magnaplate was part of the Apollo program's success from the beginning, both on the ground innovating surface coatings for space exploration and, later, on the moon protecting the drill tubes that sampled the moon's soil and rocks.

Completing Our Texas Expansion

General Magnaplate's Arlington, Texas, facility has expanded to keep pace with our substantial growth over the last five years.

The Benefits Of Magnesium Coatings In Aerospace Applications

Magnesium alloy surface enhancement coatings prevent wear, outgassing and more in aerospace applications.

General Magnaplate Plasmadize®

Synergistic thermal spray Plasmadize includes polymer infusion, and when applied mechanically bonds to the substrate, altering its surface properties.

Nedox® 605 Eases Cleanup In Defense System Winding Mandrel

Engineered coating Nedox 605 eases cleanup in a defense system's winding mandrel, preventing troublesome residue from clinging to parts.

Nedox® NH-2 Protects Space Suits From Corrosion In Microgravity Swimming Pool

Nedox NH2 smart coating protects metal parts from corrosion and chemical attack, including space suits in NASA's microgravity swimming pool.

How Synergistic Coatings Overcome Aerospace Challenges

Applying synergistic surface enhancement coatings overcomes aerospace challenges like hazardous waste and corrosion, friction and extreme temperatures.

Finding A Chrome Replacement Solution In A Nedox® Smart Coating

Nedox smart coating can replace and ultimately exceed chrome for technical benefits that include wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low friction.

Canadize® Prevents Hydrogen Absorption For Titanium

Canadize surface coating lowers the coefficient of friction of titanium substrates and prevents hydrogen embrittlement.

High Wear Resistance, Low Coefficient of Friction With Nedox PF-F

FDA-compliant Nedox PF-F coating provides surfaces with high wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction without using traditional polymers.

Choose Tufram For Superior Performance Characteristics

Tufram and Tufram Basic Hard Anodizing coatings provide superior performance characteristics, offering different levels of hardness, friction reduction and corrosion resistance.

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